Tracheostomy Care

If your loved one has ever needed a tracheostomy, you know how difficult the aftercare can sometimes be. Our professional nursing staff at [Name of Center] is well -trained in tracheostomy care. We know that skilled bedside nursing practices can prevent the complications associated with this sensitive procedure. Therefore, our goal is to help those who’ve undergone a tracheostomy live with confidence throughout their stay.

What is a tracheostomy?
A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure where a hole relieves an airway obstruction through a hole in the trachea, in the neck area. Thus, aftercare includes suctioning and properly cleaning the newly created airway. Improper attention could lead to a loss of oxygen. For obvious reasons, bringing home a loved one with a trach can be a daunting undertaking. Leave it to [Name of Center] to take care of all our residents’’ physical needs, with a knowledgeable nursing staff that truly understands.

Teaching Self-care
Whether a trach surgery is a long- or short-term need, the aftercare is the same. Through it all, our staff can help alleviate the stress involved. Additionally, we will train your loved one to recognize when breathing issues may come up. We can assist in teaching proper tube cleaning, and other important care instructions. It takes time and patience to learn to cough again and to avoid triggers like dust. You may have had trouble understanding all the hospital discharge instructions. Turn to us! We can teach the necessary self-care for when your loved one returns home. Also, our expert guidance can help you better understand your loved one’s condition.

At [Name of Center], the personalized attention that our residents receive translates to a better quality of life. When a hospital stay comes to a close, that “now, what?” feeling does not have to make you panic. We aim to serve every client with the comforts of home and the quality assistance they need.

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